The Music Parent's Handbook

How to get the most out of music lessons.

Topics Covered In The Book

Find out what you will learn in the Music Parent's Handbook

Starting At The Right Age

Starting at the right age is key to having the best experience possible. Find out how young is too young and what is the best starting age for each instrument.

Find out if your child is "talented.

Learn the truth about talent and how "talent" can actually hold students back.

Find A Teacher Who Will Inspire & Make Learning Fun

Learn the three qualities that all great teachers have in common.

Why Music Outperforms Other Activities

Discover the benefits of music education and why studies show that music lessons outperform art, sports, martial arts, drama and more.

Helping Children Learn Music

Learn how to help your child on their musical journey, even if you've never played a note.

How To Prepare For Your First Lesson

Find out how to get a head start and make sure that you have everything you need to get started with music lessons.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

"The music parent's handbook is a great guide to getting started with music lessons and classes. I highly recommend it to any parent or student looking to have a fun and rewarding experience learning music. The guide can be a peak into the insight of where a potential beginner is trying to go. Take the time to go through this guide to fulfill that insight for yourself. You can know now, what others won't learn until later. Use this book to kick start your musical future!"


Jon E. Gee

Educator and Bassist for John Mellencamp Band

About the Author

Chad Ebert

Chad Ebert is a pianist, educator, speaker and owner of one of the largest private music schools in the United States. His life-long mission is to improve the lives of others through music education. If you are looking for music instruction in the Columbus, Ohio are you can check out his music schools:

Powell Academy of Music - 614-572-3640
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